Basic Hart Communication


The field instrumentation in process plants is beginning to come under more sophisticated metrological discipline. Most new field instruments are now smart digital instruments. One popular digital protocol is the HART (Highway Automated Remote Transducer) protocol, which shares characteristics of both analog and digital control systems.

To properly service these instruments, precision analog source / measure capability and digital communication are both required. Historically, this operation has required two separate tools, a calibrator and a communicator.

Today, these capabilities are available in a single HART Documenting Process Calibrator that can help technicians quickly and effectively service a HART instrument workload.

This course is intended to provide an introduction to BASIC HART COMMUNICATION USING 475 HART COMMUNICATOR, concepts and terminologies, and not the implementation of knowledge and skills.

It will also give the student a solid, basic understanding of the HART COMMUNICATOR.

What Will I Learn?

  • What you'll learn
  • Understand the working principle of the HART Protocol
  • Make use of HART field communicator
  • • Understand communicatioCarry out instrument diagnostic using HART handheld devices

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Basic Hart Communication

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